Vision and Objectives

In 20 years time Odd Rode will maintain its character as a vibrant rural area with a strong sense of community, conducive to the prosperity and wellbeing of both residents and local small businesses.

It will be a balanced community of mixed ages, where local people can live, work and play, and enjoy a high quality of life. As many services as possible will be provided locally, while recognising that many will be provided by nearby towns.

It will provide outdoor recreational and open space, rich in wildlife and natural beauty, for the benefit of people in our own and neighbouring areas, and those from further afield. The current Green Belt will be maintained, providing a buffer between the North Staffordshire conurbations, and between the parish and local towns and villages.

To realise this Vision, we have set seven Objectives:

  1. Ensure any housing developments are matched to the identified needs of Odd Rode, are in keeping with the character of the area, and do not negatively affect the landscape and environment.
  2. Maintain and encourage community services and facilities
  3.  Facilitate recreational opportunity
  4. Strengthen and support small scale entrepreneurial economic activity, and encourage responsible and sustainable rural recreation and tourism.
  5. Protect and enhance landscape characteristics and biodiversity.
  6. Preserve and enhance the rich social and industrial heritage in order to protect the distinctive local character of the area.
  7. Seek ongoing improvements to transport, digital connectivity and utility services.

In each of these seven areas, Policies are being proposed to achieve the objective. These can bee seen in the Plan itself (see below).